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All posts for the month May, 2010

“Quiet, Be Still and Know…”

God reminded us of His words to us this past weekend. Moment by moment God took the time to show His presence, His love, and His purpose. We stayed in Lubbock this past weekend because we had some great opportunities to take part in. First, on Saturday afternoon we got to attend the wedding of […]

Encouragement & Update on Kristi…

Ah home… where the heart is… Well sorta. It’s good to be back in Washington! It’s wonderful to see my family, all my little sisters, parents, and cousins and aunts and uncles and dear friends. It’s been about eight months since I’ve seen most of these people. God has blessed me with some short term […]

Lord, You are Faithful!

God, thank you for holding Isaac in Your right hand. Thank you for the healing you have done and are still doing! Believing You for complete Restoration. You said, “Be still and know that I am God.” You said, “I will hear your petitions and answer from Heaven.” Thank you, God, for Your unfailing love! […]

Food and Frisbees

Isaac had a great week, even though they are getting pretty long for he and his mom as they juggle the TLC daily schedule, night homework, and campground living. I am at home/work during the week, except for Tuesday night and Wednesday when I go to Lubbock to spend time with Kris and Isaac. It […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lord, thank You for this Mother’s Day. We rejoice in You today, Lord. You have held Hannah and Isaac in your strong right hand that they would live to tell of Your glorious works (Psalm 118). We shout Your praises today! You have also blessed us with a wonderful daughter-in-heart, Kristi Nicole. Thank you for […]


Every day is a gift from God. Isaac continues to live and breathe and have his being. “For in Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28 THANK YOU for your prayers!!!!! Isaac’s confidence in himself is improving as well as his memory, both long and short term. We are truly grateful […]

Truly Thankful!

I had a great day with Kris and Isaac today. We shared lunch with Isaac and I played him in a few games of ping pong. One game we played left-handed in order to help with his left hand and eye coordination. It soon became obvious that both of us needed the therapy. 🙂 Our […]


Here I am again sitting at the computer and listening to the song “For the Dawn.” No matter how many times I listen to it (and it is a lot) I’m moved to point of great reflection upon and praise unto our Great and Mighty Savior! The Lord’s love for us is truly unfailing, and […]