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All posts for the month February, 2010

A Rollie Pollie Day…

Today Isaac has been doing well. No high temperature today, but no word about the infection in his blood. He has been moving around in his bed A LOT! getting comfortable and touching his head. He won’t stay still! I actually think he’s kinda cute, because he’s just in such a deep sleep. We do […]

Prayer for Sylvia

What a blessing it was to talk with Dawn, Sylvia’s daughter this afternoon. She said her mom is getting much better, but that she is now battling a staff infection. We assured her we would be praying for her. I was blessed to find this note from Dawn on the Pray for Isaac and Family […]

On the Move

Isaac is doing good this evening. His temp has been 100 or less all day. Praise the Lord. The ultrasound went well. Still awaiting for the official report, but the doctor did say all looked good. Also, his labs showed his blood/enzyme levels are coming back down. We are very thankful for everyone’s prayers! There […]

Good Visit

We had a good visit with Isaac this morning. We are thankful that his fever is still down. He is resting well and is moving all over the bed again. That is good to see! The nurse said that his enzymes are elevated a bit so they are going to do an ultrasound this afternoon […]


Today we faced a setback in Isaac’s recovery. He had another temp spike this morning and they gave some motrin and some nutrients to try and control it. That didn’t work well. After labs were taken, they discovered Isaac has an infection in his blood. They are conducting cultures to try and determine what the […]

God’s Heart – Isaac’s Passion

I want to share with you a video that Isaac showed us before he left for YWAM. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRqDmDohTLM. This video is from a DTS Lecture in Oxford, New Zealand. I believe it represents Isaac’s heart well, and the passion he has to continually be transformed and challenged in faith and obedience for […]

Isaac Update

Good news! Isaac had a good day today resting a lot. Last night his feeding tube got clogged so the nurses took it out, but now they can’t get it back in because Isaac is too scrappy and doesn’t like it. So today he was completely off med’s. He slept during the whole morning visit, […]

Here’s Kristi!

The flames of hope were fanned yet again today as we watched Isaac move forward in healing. Thank you God for being our ever present help in time of need! Kristi is submitting the update for Isaac tonight. While she is doing that I thought I’d take a moment to introduce her to you. I […]

A Good Day

We had a good day with Isaac. His room in the pediatrics section is nice and quiet. Isaac has still not awakened completely. We were greatly encouraged when the occupational and physical therapists worked with him a little this morning. He did pretty good sitting up on the side of the bed and he did […]

Holding On

We are so thankful that Hannah was able to join us in Lubbock Monday and Tuesday. It provided a good opportunity for us all as a family to spend with Isaac. Please pray for her as she starts back to school at WTA&M this morning. This has been a very hard trial we are going […]