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Praise God in this storm


Hi everyone, this blog entry is much later than I originally planned. I broke my leg and wrist on August 3rd and have been recovering. It’s kind of ironic as my last post was about how we don’t really make our own path but go where God determines. Through this injury my plans have been quite interrupted and that truth resonates even more in my heart. I’ve never had a disabling injury before and it’s really made me realize how much I take for granted.
So here’s my little accident story: I have a beautiful baby girl, Eliza. Since she was born I’ve been doing this special photo thing where I take a picture of her every month on the day she was born to see how much she’s grown. Well on August 3rd I found a free moment and was attempting this little photo shoot. I had her laying on the floor next to her monkey toy. I got a chair to stand on since I needed a certain angle to capture the picture I wanted. As I hopped up on the chair the seat broke. Split second decisions. I kicked off the chair with my left leg, pushing it out of the way so it didn’t crush my baby. I landed on my right leg but couldn’t catch myself. My leg hyper-extended backwards as I collapsed to the floor in intense pain. My left wrist caught the floor in another attempt to stop the fall.
As I’m lying on the floor crying in pain my sweet four-year old Josiah ran down stairs to help me. He was a good boy and unlocked the door like I asked. I couldn’t get up and knew I had broken my leg. Stranded on the floor is not a good place to be when you have four little ones running around the house! Fortunately, my phone was near me and I called 911. Eliza was still happily laying on the blanket oblivious to the drama. In the minutes it took for the paramedics to get to my house her big brother Jude (19 months old) had toddled over to loving poke at her.
The paramedics were so kind and gave me a sense of peace. I felt like such a ridiculous sight laying on the floor as they assessed my injuries. They were trying to take my mind off the situation and asked about my kids. “Who are these little ones?” said one of the paramedics as he nodded to my oldest children. “That’s Josiah and Evelyn” I said, “They are a little scared.” “It’s okay guys, we are here to take care of your mom.” He assured them. “Oh and that’s Judah…” I said looking behind me. Then I laughed in embarrassment as I realized he had hand soap rubbed all over his head making it white and foamy! “Ha, so that’s what Judah and Evelyn were doing while I have been stuck here.” I thought to myself. Could have been worse I suppose. At least they didn’t get into markers or knives.
At the ER x-rays revealed that I have several breaks in my tibia plateau (the bones behind the knee cap) and wrist. I was given a nice dose of morphine and sent home in splints. A few days after I got upgraded to a legit cast on my wrist and adjustable leg brace. At first I was on complete bed rest, which was not a good thing for me and I developed a blood clot in my leg. That was the scariest thing so far as blood clots can be life threatening. But my doctor got me on blood thinners right away and the clot has dissolved for the most part. Now I can hop around a little on my crutches and the pain is much better in my leg even though I cannot walk or put pressure on it.
Isaac and my family have been amazing help to me. They have to help me do everything! Literally. My mom and/or sister come over every day to take care of me and my children while Isaac is at work. And the church has been so generous in bringing us meals almost every night since I got hurt. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the support and prayers! It has been a humbling experience to receive so much kindness. I have felt so weak and helpless during this time. And that’s hard for me because I’m used to being strong and accomplished. I’ve realized that I can be pretty strong-willed and stubborn. I don’t like to need help… but that’s pride isn’t it.
I know this is just a bump in the road and that God allows us to go through difficult things. So I want to learn and grow through this experience. I was very sad and depressed for a few days after the accident. But I realized I could go through the situation one of two ways. I could cry and complain, sulk, get depressed and focus on myself and what I’d lost. Or, I could keep praising God and live with a thankful heart. I could choose to fix my eyes on Jesus who is my hope. Maybe that’s really simple… and there are people who are going through much bigger struggles than this. It’s hard to “praise God in the storm” (as the old Casting Crown song says) it’s unnatural. But if we do God is faithful to lift our hearts EVEN if he doesn’t change our situation.
“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”
Hebrews 12:1-3
I want to finish well the race marked out for me. Good, bad and ugly as it may be. I want to stand before God someday and hear, “well done good and faithful servant.” Because I chose to walk through every situation with my eyes fixed on Him rather than on myself. It’s all by God’s grace that we can do this, but it’s also a choice. May we be people who make the choice to praise God in the storm.

Something New


Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on here… about 5 years. This blog space was a wonderful tool to connect with you while Isaac recovered from the accident. We will forever be grateful for your faithful prayers and support. I know I speak for everyone involved when I tell you how blessed we were by you. That was over 6 years ago now!

That part of our journey is over, but it has forever changed us. And the story isn’t over. I stopped writing because life swept us up, but I have recently felt the Lord put it on my heart to write again. So I plan to use this blog space to share the encouraging things the Lord puts on my heart, and maybe sometimes funny life stories. I don’t actually know where this will go, but I hope you will be built up through reading this blog.

May it again be a tool used to glorify the Lord. May it remind us who he is. And may the messages here be used to lift up your heart to sing His praises.

Now a little update on Isaac and our family. We are living in Washington again after spending a few sweet years in Clovis, NM. We moved here in February and have been doing really well although we miss our family and friends in New Mexico dearly. We have 4 children now. Yes, you read that right – 4 Children. What can we say except God has blessed us and filled our home with lots of joy. Lots of messes, craziness, laundry, dishes, and chaos too… but I like to focus on the joy. The crew is my full time job, and I’m learning to find satisfaction in the mundane duties that come with motherhood. Sometimes it’s really beautiful.  In our free time (which is not much at the moment) we still love to work on writing and recording music. We’ve had the opportunity lately to lead worship for a few local churches. That has been an answer to prayer and an outlet for our hearts passion.

Another EXCITING path we’ve come across is the opportunity to become a part of the staff for a YWAM base in Port Townsend WA.  We’re in the process of seeking the Lord for his direction about this. My first thought regarding joining the base was – “YES! YES! YES!” and I felt a fire stir in my heart. To me it feels like where our story should go, a continuation of where we left off.  It feels right, but we want to wait on the Lord before jumping in. So please pray for us – for wisdom and confirmation as we consider this. And pray the base gets LOTS of students.

“I know Lord, that our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course.”

Jeremiah 10:23

We can take heart because of the truth presented in this scripture. It encourages me because it means I don’t go anywhere God doesn’t allow. It’s not totally up to me. And because He is a good father even if we go through darkness and trouble He will take care of us. Since He already gave His heart to us – His son Jesus, what won’t he do for us?

Rest in that truth today. Even if the path isn’t easy God is with you. God is for you. His love never fails.

Thanks for reading! Till next week.



Praise and Prayer Requests!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since we last wrote an update. Isaac and I have decided that we’d like to keep this site and use it to blog and write updates. I’m not sure how often we’ll send them out etc, but we will keep writing. We won’t take any offense if you decide to unsubscribe your self from getting these updates, though we do like keeping in touch with ya’all. Knowing we have brothers and sisters in Christ with us in prayer is extremely encouraging to us. Please feel free to let us know if what we can pray for you about too!
We have exciting praise and prayer requests!

Back in April we made the move from Clovis to Washington State, and then found out we are going to have a baby! So life has been exciting. Our new little friend’s life was unexpected, but a total blessing. Isaac has been doing well physically and mentally. But spiritually, he has been under attack. He has been working events with an audio company – which is awesome! It was a God send job. But it’s only when there are events to be worked. He is looking for work, and has applied for different jobs, but his heart is downcast. Satan is attacking with all kinds of lies… He always tries to water down the miracles of God. I remind Isaac that the Lord is GOOD! He is FULL OF MERCY! He does NOT abandon His children. He did not save Isaac (or any of us) so we can settle for less than His best, and trudge along through life just trying to get by. That would be reason to get depressed! God is purposeful.

I’m just going to be real honest… We are at, what Isaac and I feel like, is a fork in the road. One path is to get practical and settle for any job that pays enough to support our family, play it safe, get a house and live day to day. Not a bad path… but not simple either in our economy. The other path presented is not ordinary, or cut very clearly. It’s uncertain, it’s difficult, and it’s the way our hearts burn to run if fear didn’t trip us up. This is ministry. Ever since Isaac and I met in NZ the dream of serving and ministering through music was something that drew us together and excited us! Writing, “For The Dawn,” was something that flowed out of that dream together. Missionary work has also been a constant call from God’s Spirit on our hearts.

So that leaves us full of passion to serve, but struggling to see how and where? Are we supposed to go be missionaries overseas? Serve with YWAM? Are we supposed to move to Seattle and join a church plant? Are we supposed to start our own Ministry sharing this story of healing and singing songs He gives us? I feel like a hippie writing that last one… but it sounds good to me – Haha.

We are scared to step into the unknown… but isn’t that what we committed ourselves to when we heard Jesus say, “Come, follow me…” and we stepped forward to follow Him? Isaac and I have grown up following Him. And we hear Him calling us into something bigger than ourselves again. Just like going to New Zealand was a step of faith and everyone who went had to trust God to provide somehow – We believe God is calling us into something new… something involving music ministry and missions. So here are our prayer requests friends!

• For Isaac’s downcast spirit to lift, and for his joy to be restored. Also, pray for him to get a good job.
• For us to have such wisdom and discernment that we know clearly what this ministry looks like.
• For fellowship – friendships to be built in this new place and season of life.

Thank you all for your prayers! We appreciate your support. We will do our best to write again soon!

God Bless,
Isaac & Kristi Godwin

Two Become One

Thank the Lord for His unfailing love! Isaac and Kristi are man and wife! “Glorious” is the word used by Isaac’s Grandma Jo in describing the wedding. It truly was glorious! To borrow the expression from John Piper in his book “This Momentary Marriage,” this marriage, as intended for all marriages, “is the doing of God . . . ultimately, for the display of God. It puts the glory of Christ’s convenant-keeping love on display.”

God’s glory was most definitely on display on 24 September! The beautiful mountains, trees, waterways, sunny sky, and colorful flowers made evident His “eternal power and divine nature!” (Romans 1:20) The marriage covenant made between Isaac, Kristi, and God was special to behold. The bride and groom were radiant as they stood together in the immersing grace and light of our Lord!

It was such a joy to spend time with Kristi’s family. What a Family they are! Love abounded! Everyone worked so beautifully together to provide a perfect wedding setting at Scenic Beach and reception at their home. Incredible! We look forward to future gatherings and fellowship with this wonderful family.

I have posted Isaac and Kristi’s vows below. They wrote their vows for one another and shared them with each other the first time, for all time, at the ceremony. Please pray for them as they endeavor to “always keep their marriage vows in such a way as to tell the truth about the unbreakable covenant love of Christ” (John Piper). We are praising God for what He has done, and is continuing to do in and though Isaac and Kristi. Thank you for being a part of their story, for God’s ultimate glory!

Isaac’s Vows

Today, I take you Kristi to be my lovely wife. I promise to be obedient first to the Lord in my life and through Him to love you as Christ loves the church, His bride. By His equipping Spirit, I will always honor you, cherish you, and love you sacrificially. I will lead our life into the faith and hope we have in Christ Jesus. We will serve Him together. In joy or sorrow, our deep friendship will remain. I will faithfully be yours in the best and in the worst. What may come, whether good or bad, I will always be there. I will pray for you continuously. I give you my life and promise to be one with you as the Lord intends, both physically and spiritually. You will always be my true love, my best friend, my favorite.

Kristi’s Vows

Isaac, I love you. You are my best friend, and always will be. I feel like in my heart I’ve already been your wife and committed to you “for better or for worse.” I know that God knit our hearts together, and has kept us together through every trial we’ve faced. He gave you back to me from the grave, and for that I’m so amazed and grateful. So today, it’s with the greatest joy, I take you as my husband, my true love. I promise to be faithful to you, and to respect you as head over our family. I will live first unto God and then unto you, submitting to you out of reverence for Christ. I will love you in the darkness, and in the light. When things are going well and when things are going bad. I love you when you’re silly. And when you’re hurting, I’ll comfort you and sing you songs. I’ll love you when you’re broken and when you’re restored. I will not be parted from you. Whatever is ahead of us, I pledge my life to you as your true love, faithful wife, and dearest friend. [And you’ll always be my favorite, too!]


Today we’re entering a new season of entrusting and letting go. Suitcases are packed and belongings are boxed up. This morning we take Isaac and Kristi to the airport to fly to Washington State. Isaac will meet new family and friends and they will complete the plans for the wedding. This is a much anticipated flight; one that signifies a son, “leaving father and mother and cleaving to his wife” (Gen 2:24). Well, not “wife” yet, but very soon. Twenty-three days!

We prayed together last night as a family, thanking God for His miracle of life. He is Life! He is The Way, and He is making His way for Isaac and Kristi – one that no one would have conceived 6 1/2 months ago, but sovereign, nonetheless. What Satan meant for bad, God made good. Praise Him! He never leaves us nor forsakes us. HE IS UNFAILING LOVE.

We entrust this beautiful couple to the strong hands of God. He has a wonderful plan for their life together. Kristi has already been such an incredible “Help Meet” to Isaac – the fruit of the Spirit overflowing (Gal 5:22). Isaac has healed so much, and continues to get better with each new day, the unrelenting touch of God upon him.

Thank you, Lord, for Your plan of restoration. It’s not unlike Your promise in Jeremiah 33 to return Judah and Israel from captivity, to rebuild them. You are moving upon and within Isaac. Thank You for this young couple. They are zealous for You, Lord. You have brought health and healing. In You alone will they find abundant peace and security. May their life and union bring You, “renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of the good things you have done, and will do in it” (Jeremiah 33:6-9).


Hello Everyone,
Tonight we have a special update and announcement to give you all. Today Isaac took me on a picnic to Ned Houk Park here in Clovis. We sat in a pretty spot near the pond, underneath the trees. He was so sweet, and had packed a basket with some food and a sentimental blanket I gave him in New Zealand. He even packed wine glasses for sparkling cider. It was very romantic, as we got drunk on our cider, (just kidding of course!) After we ate, he stood up and looked around… sorta awkwardly. I got up and hugged him and he picked me up. Holding me like a princess, he said, “I know I was supposed to carry you up a small mountain, but what I’m about to say will be like the biggest mountain I’ll ever have to climb.” I was nervous as he went on with his awesome and intimate proposal, but when he asked the question, “will you be my wife and do life with me?” I veered from my original thought out response and said, “Yes… if you put me down!” He set me down and I continued with, “I would be honored to be your wife Isaac.” He smiled and got the last thing in the basket – a big present. “This is for you…” I think he was excited. I opened the heavy gift and it was a wonderfully huge Bible with the names, “Isaac & Kristi Godwin” engraved at the bottom. It was perfect. “Open it to where the book mark is!” So I did and the pages fell to 1 Corinthians chapter 13. Isaac had underlined the phrases, “Love never ends,” and “the greatest of these is love.” And tied to the center of the book mark was a ring. “God brought us together so I thought this was fitting.” He told me as he slipped the gorgeous ring on my finger.
So I guess we’re engaged! We set the date for this September the 24th at a place called Scenic beach in Washington State because almost all of my family is there, where as Isaac’s family is scattered across the country. This may seem short notice, and maybe even crazy considering all that’s taken place in the last few months with Isaac’s accident and all. He is still recovering, and we don’t have a lot of money, place to live or even full time jobs (well I do but my husband-to-be doesn’t yet.) We’re really being practical and realistic about this, and we’re going ahead by faith. We could wait… but neither of us feel like that is the best thing for us nor do we feel like it’s God’s leading. We’re very grateful for both of our families love and support!
Please do keep us in your prayers though because planning, providing & just marriage in general is a huge thing to go into. We put our hope in the Lord. We’re excited for the plan He has in store!
God bless you all!

~Isaac & Kristi~

Moving Forward, Trusting God!

Praising God as He walks Isaac through this next part of recovery/healing. Isaac passed his written driver’s test this week! He’ll take the practical test on 14 Jul. Got all the paperwork signed by the doctor saying he can drive. Praise the Lord! Isaac will start working at Central Baptist Church on 1 July with Youth worship, sound, and more. A huge thanks to Central for providing this opportunity for Isaac. Actually, Kristi Nicole and Hannah are also working there. It is so good to have everyone home and moving forward. May the Lord continue to direct our paths! Exciting times . . . times of healing, growth, and strengthening! Keep praying! Our God is Faithful and Loving!

Doing some outpatient therapy here in Clovis. Seeking God for His timing and guidance for each right next step!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight.” Pr 3:5,6

Who is Like You, O Lord?

“Who among the gods is like you, O Lord? Who is like you–majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders? You stretched out your right hand . . . .” Exodus 15:11,12

We are praising God for the wonders He is working in Isaac. Our case worker let us know today that all of the Therapists agree Isaac will complete this intensive therapy regimen at TLC next Friday. Amen! We were hoping to be done this week, but there were still some cognitive skills they needed to work on with him.

Isaac is doing very well living in the TLC apartment. He’s meeting all of the objectives for “living on his own.” In fact, he has even gained better skills in some areas than he had prior to the accident. Way to go, Isaac! He has done a great job with weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, food prep, housework, scheduling, and mock budgeting and bill pay. It has been a terrific exercise and confidence/competence builder. Isaac can have guests over between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. If you’re lucky, you may be just in time to sample his special recipe of gourmet Hamburger Helper.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend together. He was a lot of help to me in the yard, climbing trees and cutting off the dead branches. It was a great “man time”, using the chain saws and cutters. He performed wonderfully and even took care of most of the clean up. We made sure mom stayed inside so we could simply “go for it.” 😉

Thank you, thank you, for your ceaseless prayers and support. We can not under state the miracle that God has done in Isaac’s life. As we read over doctor’s reports and revisit the day-by-day experiences we’ve lived these past months, we can only remark, “Who is like you, O Lord?” You are majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, and working marvelous wonders in our life. “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)
Lord, You have an amazing plan; help us to walk in it. Thank you, Jesus!

For His Glory!

Isaac is HOME! Praise the LORD! Almost exactly 4 months from the date of his injury he was able to truly unpack his bags and put away the suitcase! He had something similar to “senioritis” all last week at TLC. “Graduation day” was coming, and that’s all he could focus on. It was a great day on Friday! He made it through his therapy sessions without anyone changing their minds that he needed to stay longer! I was worried someone might, due to his lack of attention. He really gave the therapists a hard time. They are very, very patient!!

Fridays are always “Outing” days at TLC. After lunch everyone loaded into vans to go to the “National Ranching Heritage Center” to explore over 30 historic ranch structures that have been relocated and restored to their original condition. It was a fun outing, but it was extremely hot that day. After 2 hours of touring the center in temps nearing 100 degrees, everyone returned to TLC to gather for a “community meeting.” Patients talked about their outing and shared their most “proud moments” of the week. Isaac was then asked to play the piano and sing a song in front of everyone before saying goodbye. One of Isaac’s goals was to relearn the guitar, piano, and strengthen his voice to sing again. We are thankful that TLC recognized this passion of his and made lots of opportunities to hone these skills in therapy sessions. The song he decided to play was “O Praise Him!” by David Crowder. Here are a few words from that song:

“Turn your gaze
To Heaven and raise
A joyous noise
Oh, the sound of salvation come
The sound of rescued ones
And all this for a king
Angles join to sing
All for Christ the King!
O Praise Him!”

There were some tears shed after hearing that song and seeing Isaac being used again to share the hope of Christ through music! Afterward, a counselor encouraged other patients to keep working hard on their goals and never give up! We are praising God that He has rescued Isaac from the grave, and we do turn our gaze to heaven and raise a joyous noise to Him!! May God receive all the glory and praise for what HE has done!

Thank you Missy, Sarah, Rebecca, Meredith, Emilee, Jason, Nikah, Kevin, Daniel, Jessica, and ALL the other supporting staff at TLC!!!! You guys ROCK!

“Quiet, Be Still and Know…”

God reminded us of His words to us this past weekend. Moment by moment God took the time to show His presence, His love, and His purpose. We stayed in Lubbock this past weekend because we had some great opportunities to take part in.

First, on Saturday afternoon we got to attend the wedding of Isaac’s good friend, Mark Murray. You remember Mark, he wrote the song, Heal Isaac, and created the video we share on this website. What a joy it was to hear the excitement in Mark’s voice when he saw Isaac was able to attend, and then to watch the two of them hug and exchange words of hope and friendship. God heard our cries and songs for healing that were founded on His Word, and blessed us with the touch of His mighty right hand. We were pleased to run into Tara, one of the terrific, Christian, nurses that took such loving care of Isaac while in the SICU. She rejoiced in the healing God is doing in Isaac. It was also a wonderful blessing to visit with Michael Teague at the wedding and to meet his lovely wife, Tana. We thank the Lord for His constant presence in all of our lives; for His unfailing love.

Saturday night we took Isaac to the University Medical Center so that he could picture the places we have talked about, sharing some of the experiences we have walked through these past several months. As we walked in, I told him about his SICU nurse, Tina, who gave us the first report that Isaac sat up in bed, opened his eyes, and responded to the doctor by giving him thumbs up. As you recall, this happened on day 6 of the coma, and was first intervention by God to postpone the tracheotomy and feeding tube surgery. When we visited the SICU, Tina was on duty! She rejoiced in seeing Isaac. It was the first time she had seen him since waking from his coma. Praise God for His miracle and perfect timing.

When we were leaving the main SICU back in late February, I told the workers there that one day I plan to bring Isaac back in so that he can share a message of hope to others. Saturday night was the first time for doing this. When we went into the hospital, God ordained the opportunity for us to meet with one of our friends from Clovis. He let us know that his father was in SICU and had just undergone surgery for a very serious back injury resulting from a fall. We were humbled and thankful to be able to visit his Dad in SICU and join together to pray for his dad and family. His father said they had been praying for Isaac’s recovery, and seeing Isaac there only stoked his faith all the more. Isaac is able to bring a message of hope! Thank you, Lord.

God allowed us to meet with another family that night. Isaac’s voice teacher from South Plains College was there with her family. Her father is in the MICU. We were able to pray with her family also. God is so good! We trust Him for his loving touch in these families’ lives and situations. God continues to work in every detail! We have wanted to get in contact with Isaac’s voice teacher to ask if she would meet with and evaluate him to outline things he can do to strengthen voice again. She was very excited to be a part of his recovery and equipping for future ministry; she met with him today and had a terrific session! She plans to meet with him again next week and weekly thereafter, if need be. She is an incredible blessing. By the time Isaac was through today, he was already singing with a marked difference!

Finally, we moved Isaac into the TLC apartment on Sunday. He is doing great! He is managing his schedule well, and meeting all the objectives for “living on his own.” He gave mom the go-ahead to come home for the rest of the week. 🙂 We are so thankful for being able to move into this next level of therapy and trusting that we’ll all be home together soon.

Thank you for your constant prayers. God is hearing your petition from heaven and answering. Please lift up these other families I’ve mentioned. I didn’t ask permission to share their names, but God will know who you are lifting up. Much love and blessings to all of you.