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Christmas Stories


It’s almost Christmas and I can’t believe it. I’m really excited to celebrate this year because my kids are actually old enough to understand why we have Christmas. We’ve been doing advent with them and it’s so awesome to see them taking the meaning to heart.  I’m also excited for them to open presents (kinda the selfish part of me) because they are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I think I have fun through them. I remember the excitement and anticipation I felt as a kid going to bed on Christmas Eve, knowing that in the morning we would open presents. So i’m really looking forward to my kids experiencing such joy.  Isaac really loves Christmas too… like much more than any person I know.

I remember when I first met him in New Zealand (6 years ago) and we were gearing up for the holidays. Christmas over seas is different. But Isaacs mom was so sweet and sent him a box all the way from America filled with stockings, little finger puppets, Christmas cookies and candy canes and some other fun stuff. He loved it! Especially the finger puppets, because you know, a 22 year old “man” is really just a big boy in disguise. Here’s one of my favorite Christmas memories.

One time in New Zealand Isaac said, “I have a surprise for you tonight. I will meet you at your house at 7.” I said alright and was excited when, later, he knocked on my door.  He beamed at me in the porch light. He was wearing a Santa hat and held a stocking full of stuff. “Grab your hat!” he said. It was cold outside so I quickly threw on my jacket and beanie, and met him at the foot of the stairs.  “Here, put this in your ear,” he said as he handed me a headphone earbud, “Okay…” I knew he was up to something great now. The voice of Elvis Presley filled my ear as I recognized the song “White Christmas.” “It’s not snowing, but we can pretend.” Isaac said with grin. Then he handed me the stocking he was holding. “This is my Christmas gift for you.” He told me. Why was he so charming and sweet! I opened it and pulled out candy canes, little notes, chocolates, ginger bread men, and my favorite – fruit the he made look like kiwi birds. He had cut little beaks, legs, and wings out of paper and then taped them to a banana, an apple, and two mini oranges. I laughed when I saw them and thought to myself, “he really likes me! he’s so creative!” After that we just walked around listening to Christmas music and talking under the stars. That was a sweet time, and probably the best date i’ve ever been on.

Isaacs great, genuine, fantastic love of Christmas baffled me a little… until I met his Father! the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – to borrow the expression. And my dear father-in-law now holds the record for “Biggest Christmas enthusiast” in my book. I guess Isaac got it from him, but I love it.  I’m so glad my family loves Christmas and likes to do fun traditions.

There are so many angles to look at when we think of Christmas. I’ve been blown away lately as I think on Gods plan of redemption.  If you know God then you know it is SO in his character to do something that would appear unassuming and humble – like having his Son be born in a dirty stable. Angels announced it, and wisemen sought it, but the rest of the world just slept right through it. The plan of setting all things right began with a humble God clothing himself with flesh and entering our sorrow. From the beginning of his life to the end Jesus did not cling to the fact that he was God and deserved greatness (Philippines 2:6.)

Small beginnings right. Everything in God kingdom reflects this. The last becomes first, the weak is made strong, the lost can be found, the slave can be free, the broken is mended and the dead is given new life. God is amazing like that.  I think he likes to do impossible things.  I’m so grateful for that! Because if God is for us, and loves us so much that he sent his own Son, nothing is impossible for us in Him. And, I don’t know about you but I have many things that seem impossible to overcome. Even just living a sane life with four children seems impossible somedays!

This Christmas lets remember who (and what) baby Jesus in a manger represents – Nothing is too hard for God.

Merry Christmas!


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