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Two Become One

Thank the Lord for His unfailing love! Isaac and Kristi are man and wife! “Glorious” is the word used by Isaac’s Grandma Jo in describing the wedding. It truly was glorious! To borrow the expression from John Piper in his book “This Momentary Marriage,” this marriage, as intended for all marriages, “is the doing of God . . . ultimately, for the display of God. It puts the glory of Christ’s convenant-keeping love on display.”

God’s glory was most definitely on display on 24 September! The beautiful mountains, trees, waterways, sunny sky, and colorful flowers made evident His “eternal power and divine nature!” (Romans 1:20) The marriage covenant made between Isaac, Kristi, and God was special to behold. The bride and groom were radiant as they stood together in the immersing grace and light of our Lord!

It was such a joy to spend time with Kristi’s family. What a Family they are! Love abounded! Everyone worked so beautifully together to provide a perfect wedding setting at Scenic Beach and reception at their home. Incredible! We look forward to future gatherings and fellowship with this wonderful family.

I have posted Isaac and Kristi’s vows below. They wrote their vows for one another and shared them with each other the first time, for all time, at the ceremony. Please pray for them as they endeavor to “always keep their marriage vows in such a way as to tell the truth about the unbreakable covenant love of Christ” (John Piper). We are praising God for what He has done, and is continuing to do in and though Isaac and Kristi. Thank you for being a part of their story, for God’s ultimate glory!

Isaac’s Vows

Today, I take you Kristi to be my lovely wife. I promise to be obedient first to the Lord in my life and through Him to love you as Christ loves the church, His bride. By His equipping Spirit, I will always honor you, cherish you, and love you sacrificially. I will lead our life into the faith and hope we have in Christ Jesus. We will serve Him together. In joy or sorrow, our deep friendship will remain. I will faithfully be yours in the best and in the worst. What may come, whether good or bad, I will always be there. I will pray for you continuously. I give you my life and promise to be one with you as the Lord intends, both physically and spiritually. You will always be my true love, my best friend, my favorite.

Kristi’s Vows

Isaac, I love you. You are my best friend, and always will be. I feel like in my heart I’ve already been your wife and committed to you “for better or for worse.” I know that God knit our hearts together, and has kept us together through every trial we’ve faced. He gave you back to me from the grave, and for that I’m so amazed and grateful. So today, it’s with the greatest joy, I take you as my husband, my true love. I promise to be faithful to you, and to respect you as head over our family. I will live first unto God and then unto you, submitting to you out of reverence for Christ. I will love you in the darkness, and in the light. When things are going well and when things are going bad. I love you when you’re silly. And when you’re hurting, I’ll comfort you and sing you songs. I’ll love you when you’re broken and when you’re restored. I will not be parted from you. Whatever is ahead of us, I pledge my life to you as your true love, faithful wife, and dearest friend. [And you’ll always be my favorite, too!]

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