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A Good Day

We had a good day with Isaac. His room in the pediatrics section is nice and quiet. Isaac has still not awakened completely. We were greatly encouraged when the occupational and physical therapists worked with him a little this morning. He did pretty good sitting up on the side of the bed and he did stand up by his own strength. Rise up O man of God! We received a good lecture from the therapist who let us know how we have been overstimulating Isaac, without fully knowing it. We corrected that today with single points of touch, a quieter setting, one voice speaking at time, etc. We noticed tonight that he seemed much more rested, and even had his eyes partially open and blinking for a large part of the evening. Praise the Lord! We are trusting God that Isaac will regain consciousness soon so that rehab can begin. We are believing God for a miracle in Isaac Godwin! Thank you, Jesus.

I spoke with Joseph’s family today. Joseph is doing good; he is awake and his bleeding has stopped. His father thanked us for the prayers. Way to go prayer warriors! Silvia is also better today. She is still expected to be in the hospital another two weeks, but her family said she is much better. Nathan will find out the results of the C scan on Monday. Please pray for God’s Spirit to be present; His Spirit is not a Spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Amen! Bless you all.

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