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Whose Nation Is It Anyway?

Did you watch the presidential debate? I did. And after a brief episode of disbelief and amusement, I spent some time researching Trump, Clinton and Johnson.  I’m still surprised that these are our only choices for president this term. I’m really disappointed.  I know i’m not alone in that – Many Americans don’t like our […]

On Mission

For the last five years I have felt discontented.  For as long as I can remember I have wrestled with this internal message that says – “You have something vital to do with your life. You’ve been given much – what will you do with it?” This pressure to use my life and gifts is […]

My Hope is Built

I faced a disappointment this week. Nothing as serious as a health issue or a death. But a disappointment none the less. You know how your true heart comes out when you are all alone in the quiet? I found myself crying in that quiet space as the weight of this disappointment lay on me. […]

Praise God in this storm

Hi everyone, this blog entry is much later than I originally planned. I broke my leg and wrist on August 3rd and have been recovering. It’s kind of ironic as my last post was about how we don’t really make our own path but go where God determines. Through this injury my plans have been […]

Something New

Hello everyone, It’s been a long time since I’ve written on here… about 5 years. This blog space was a wonderful tool to connect with you while Isaac recovered from the accident. We will forever be grateful for your faithful prayers and support. I know I speak for everyone involved when I tell you how […]

Praise and Prayer Requests!

Hi everyone, It’s been a long time since we last wrote an update. Isaac and I have decided that we’d like to keep this site and use it to blog and write updates. I’m not sure how often we’ll send them out etc, but we will keep writing. We won’t take any offense if you […]

Two Become One

Thank the Lord for His unfailing love! Isaac and Kristi are man and wife! “Glorious” is the word used by Isaac’s Grandma Jo in describing the wedding. It truly was glorious! To borrow the expression from John Piper in his book “This Momentary Marriage,” this marriage, as intended for all marriages, “is the doing of […]


Today we’re entering a new season of entrusting and letting go. Suitcases are packed and belongings are boxed up. This morning we take Isaac and Kristi to the airport to fly to Washington State. Isaac will meet new family and friends and they will complete the plans for the wedding. This is a much anticipated […]


Hello Everyone, Tonight we have a special update and announcement to give you all. Today Isaac took me on a picnic to Ned Houk Park here in Clovis. We sat in a pretty spot near the pond, underneath the trees. He was so sweet, and had packed a basket with some food and a sentimental […]

Moving Forward, Trusting God!

Praising God as He walks Isaac through this next part of recovery/healing. Isaac passed his written driver’s test this week! He’ll take the practical test on 14 Jul. Got all the paperwork signed by the doctor saying he can drive. Praise the Lord! Isaac will start working at Central Baptist Church on 1 July with […]